Common Wealth Games – Day Zero

Commonwealth is an intergovernmental organisation of 54 sovereign states.          
It had been formed with an objective of fostering growth of the member nations by working upon representative democracy, pursuing equality and opposition to racism;the fight against poverty, ignorance and disease and free trade. The most visible activity of the commonwealth countries is the commonwealth games,which had been categorically positioned as “friendly games” by the member nations,aimed at promoting the spirit and strengthening the relationship between the nations.

Since its inception in 1930, the games for the first time is being hosted by India, a country of 1.2 billion population. A country, which is not only growing in terms of economy but also in terms of its educated youth population. This nation is often criticised for its bureaucracy and politics but what stands out is its indomitable spirit to succeed and excel. Every developing country has certain issues to resolve to before it can be categorised as one of the developed nations of the world. India is also fighting against some of these issues. And, it is for sure that this nation would not bend its knees at the face of adversity or strong opposition.

The hosting of Commonwealth Games would surely position the nation as a ‘capable’ country with immense potential. During the course of this journey of spectacular sporting event, we would keep a close watch on the sporting events and the response of the world on the way India does it.

Today’s turn of events:

  • Queen’s baton reaches India.
  • Athletes reach safely to Games Village.
  • Delhi Metro reaches Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium.

It is time to get excited and gear up for the opening ceremony of XIX Commonwealth Games, New Delhi. India is about to enter the league of successful sporting nations.

Till then, keep up the good hope.


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