Social Networking

Is it virtual or real? We,in this 21st Century,have become quite used to the virtual world encroaching into the space of the real world. But,we understand the rationale and need behind all this. Don’t we? Welcome to the world of facebook,orkut,twitter,Hi5,Big Adda,Bebo,Ibibo,Buzz,LinkedIn,My Space,SocialVibe…ohh…an exhaustive list really…and believe me,these are just the popular ones that any class fiver knows. There are sites like facebook which boasts of over 55 million registered users and Twitter surpassing it with 75 million users.

At the onset of introduction of the networking sites,there had been a lot of debates about the relevance and the impact of the presence of Social Networking sites in the virtual world. The purists of Sociology considered it to be a threat to the social networking in the real world. And,purists have been proved right  by the increasing disinterest of individuals in the real-life interactions. We,today,prefer to communicate via the virtual world of interaction. It is easy to fake in the virtual world. Isn’t it? We can always portray as a different person than we really are. Today,there is no need of developing the social skills that was once considered to be an asset and an important tool for growth.You just need to know the basic stuff about using internet to pose as whoever you want yourself to be like.

No doubt,it has been a lot of help to people who could not initiate a conversation.Now,in the virtual world,they can express their opinions freely without feeling awakward. However,this very freedom has,somehow,restricted or rather limited their growth as  individuals.They need not strive for attaining the social skills anymore. They are what they want to be in the virtual world.Who cares for the real world anymore !!!! Let it go for a toss. Should we allow the social fabric to abrade in this manner? After all,even in this dominance of virtualism,reality holds its own forte.

There is no harm in being virtual as long as your virtual presence reflects your real state. When alterego develops and is satiated, it becomes an uphill task to control the flow. Let’s unite virtual,but live real.

“Let’s connect globally and yet be interactive locally.” opposite to the common adage of the modern society “Globally connected,locally isolated.”

And for Social networking,it is essential both in the virtual as well as the real world……we are social animals…remember?



 We learn a lot of things,retain a few and finally use fewer in our journey of life. We waste so much of our time garnering knowledge from all corners to realise later that the knowledge is no more contemporary.It is outdated. We again begin our quest and with all our might gather some more information (whom we mistakenly call “Knowledge”). And,then comes a time in our life when we realise that there are only a few things that we actually need to ” drive the Ferrari home”. 

This mad quest for gathering information arises from the deeply rooted competitiveness and the apprehension of the veracity of Darwin’s adage “Survival of the Fittest”. We want to survive.All of us.And this being called an information age,we cannot miss to be updated. And we all strive for any useful piece of information that might provide us an edge over others.

In our mad quest,we tend to forget that there is a lot more under the sun that we can conceive.There is so much of “real knowledge”. The knowledge,that does not change every year,that does not get outdated,that does not get manipulated by the capricious individuals,that survives and helps us survive. That knowledge is in the age-old practice of living.That knowledge is imparted to us by life by virtue of its time(We mortals know it by the name of “Experience”) and by virtue of its spontaneousness(We name it “Natural Instincts”).The knowledge prepares us before unfolding itself.

Let this knowledge guide us and make us learn. Let’s get over with the “information abundance” and a mad rush for it. Let’s live to our potential without being the captives of MBs and GBs.

A Letter to God


I know you are around.Although, I am not aware of your form, I feel your presence in everything that I do. I am not a saint of Himalaya, a pope of Vatican or a Caliph of Islam who can communicate with you
through meditation and seek advice. I am a normal human being who has been taught to communicate through use of words, which have been serving this purpose since time unknown. Hence, I have chosen this way to convey my concerns and seek advice.

God,what is wrong with us humans? Why are we becoming so selfish,what for? Don’t we know that we all have an end just like every other element of nature. But still, we don’t understand. In my childhood, I
was taught that brain differentiates us humans from other living beings. It makes us Superior. Are we still Superior? I think we have lost ourselves….

You know God that everyday I wake up with this hope that today I will witness a miracle and that the things around me will change. However,everyday, I see myself changing with the world around me.
There is so much of despair and helplessness that I feel, at the limitation of my existence. God,I write this open letter to you with a hope that things around me would change for better. And that Life will win against its adversaries.

“O God, Give me clean hands,clean words and clean thoughts and help me to stand for the hard right against the easy wrong. Save me from the habits that harm and teach me to work as hard and to play
as fair in Thy sight alone as if all the world saw. Forgive me when I am unkind and help me to forgive those who are unkind to me. Keep me ready to help others at some cost to myself and give me
chances to do some good everyday”. —– An Excerpt from the Prayer that helped me to understand and appreciate the value of life, love, work, patience and forgiveness. It made me believe in goodness. And, I wish to continue doing the same. However, there are some weak moments when it seems that everything around is a mesh of evil.

I stand by you as your existence is my conviction. Make this world a better place to live in by empowering us all with the real sense of understanding which does not only require an intellectual stimulation but also emotional contibution with a sense of vision.

Give me the strength to fight the despair moments of my life.

I will live to wait for your answer.


An Anonymous

To err is human….

To Err is HumanWe all make mistakes.Don’t we? Then,why is to so difficult for us to accept the mistake committed by someone else.Why is it that we expect others to be perfect when we know that perfection is an illusion which helps one extend the limits of Excellence. I have introspected a lot on this aspect of life,where we expect someone to do what we do not do. Isn’t it unfair? Whenever things happen to us, we want them to be fair in every respect. We usually don’t have the temperament to take anything unfair. But,when our turn comes,we do exactly the same. There are people who take advantage of this anamoly of an individual. They use our inherent nature against us and for their benefit. These people are categorically called the “Politicians”. They are real smart people who are aware of this fact that humans would not accept their vices and would expect all virtues from others. They instigate us against other individuals in the name of caste,creed,sex or race.And,we easily give in to their caprices. How innocent are we !!!

Let’s learn together to accept the fact that “To Err is human, to forgive Divine and to blame it on someone is Politics”

Questions !!!!

Hey !!

Life is ephemeral. People are mere mortals. And, our existence a fallacy. Still,we live and we continue living. There have been epidemics, world wars, civil wars and what not to uproot the very foundation of civilization and humanity. Still,we exist. Sorry !!! Do we exist? Is it mere existence of human race that we are witnessing or is it the race which has combated odds to live and sustain? Do we simply exist or our existence have some meaning? Are we a part of a jigsaw puzzle which is so incomplete in itself that it needs its counterparts to give it a real meaning. Is humanity that big picture of jigsaw Puzzle and we humans a part of it? A lot of questions……Questions have a peculiar characteristic. They do not co-exist with their counterparts,answers,which it hates so much. But,still,we humans have found answers to questions which were once unimaginable. We did that.And,we continue doing.But,only that now, our answers do not belong to the questions asked. They are just a subset of questions, a meager part of it. It appears to us that we have the real solution beckoning us. Isn’t it illusive?

Let’s come out of that illusion and get some real answers of the questions life,history and our civilization poses to us. Let’s not get excited by reiterating questions in belief of having found an answer for them. Let’s get real,not surreal. Let’s help human race live forever…….We can do that by answering a few questions…. Do we all hate questions or is it an inherent dislike for taking the pain of finding an answer? I will definitely try and answer a few questions….. What about you?

“Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third”

Hi !

Life is an experience, a journey undertaken by each one of us ,definitely, for some purpose. Life is not a metaphor but a manifestation of the positive energy which is filling up the whole Universe. And,we all are a part of that energy. We all are the same but yet different. That difference is mostly evident in our language,life-style,religion and geographical location. We all are human. We make mistakes. We cry. We laugh. We enjoy. We complain. We Love. We forget. We Forgive. We Live. These human emotions do not change. What actually differs is the way we laugh,cry,enjoy,complain,love and Live. And that difference is basically because of the difference in our perspective and our upbringing. But,the question is that is it just to be indifferent and dislike someone because of his different behaviour? Should not we try to understand that person before being judgemental? Surely,we should. But,how often do we do that? I know the answer is who cares. And,that is the whole point that we don’t care for living beings who are a part of that energy which makes us up. We are them and they are us.

Let’s at least try and understand the person before accusing him/her of something he/she is not aware of : His/Her behaviour. Let’s make our journey of life more smoother by knowing our fellas well.

Let’s celebrate our gifts of Life,Love and Understanding.