Chaos !!!

Since the last few days,I could not summon up enough courage to be  yet again a part of the blogosphere.You must be thinking that does it really need courage to blog.I am not quite sure if I can answer that satisfactorily.However,I am of the belief that making an attempt is never futile.

Words come out from the depth of truth.They cannot be produced nor can be tampered with.They are spontaneous waves of visible range capable of performing miracles if put down in a coherent manner.And,I for sure,found myself incoherent and chaotic. And,hence,could not summon up courage to put down my chaos.

“Chaos” it was.Because of the sequence of events that flooded the news arena in the past week. Air Plane Crash in Mangalore,accident of Gyaneswari express,bus accident in Karnataka….for me,all of these got translated into “the loss of innocent human lives”.And,what made my pain deeper and my angst visible was that all of these accidents were because of “Human Errors”. “To err is Human”. But,what if that error comes out from the political venegeance,careless administration and faulty practices.Won’t that infuriate and irk? Hmm…..but what can one do…right? We are living in this world where our lives have been priced at Rs.1,00,000 for dead and Rs.50,000 for injured….and somebody was mistakenly suggesting that “Life is Precious”. Oh…an amendment in the common adage would help its longevity and applicability…let’s say “Life of Precious,if you can sustain.”

And my chaos got chaotic with the news of the sad demise of one of my batch mates from College.She bravely fought her illness but left us with tears in our eyes.Rest in Peace,friend. We miss you.

As I am about to complete the blogpost,I feel rejuvenated to have finally mustered enough courage to write,what has been lurking inside me for so long.


Bandh……Stop it !!!!

Ohhh…..When are we going to graduate from being an active protester to an indulgent reformer. In the time of progress, we are still lurking in the sidelines of regression. Thanks to the common attitude of individuals who,at the helm of things, still believe that “Bandhs”  do good to the common man. It never has and would never will. There are other constructive ways of dealing with issues and addressing them. “Bandhs” are mere tools used by the political parties to demonstrate the power that they hold over the region. 

In a recently called “Bandh” on 27th April , I was on my way to  Kolkata, unaware of the intentions of the political activists. As soon as my train reached “Asansol” ,considered as an entry point to the state of West Bengal,I could see a mob of activists parading with red flags,shouting slogans, on the platform. The platform that used to have a flurry of activities was silent with the ruthlessness of politics scoring over the needs of humanity.We,in our trains,had to wait for 9 hours on that solitary platform. Amongst the passengers were the old,the women,the infant and people like me who just wondered over the mockery of the system.

This state does not need ‘Bandhs’. What it needs is a machinery that can guarantee its inhabitants the opportunity to earn bread. A common man is hurt the most in these ‘Bandhs’. People in the trains were not the ones who were affected the most. Their pain was visible and hence,got highlighted. The pain of hawkers and of all those people whose life depended upon the commotion on the platform of “Asansol” , remained unnoticed. What lingered was the discontent and hunger. We,in our train,were fed well.But,I am not sure that I can say the same for the children of the hawkers and their likes,for whom,’Asansol’ means a lot.

Those 9 hours made me realise the importance of railway platforms for the  people,who live by them.

Inclusive Growth

Nowadays,a lousy browse through the weekly magazines or daily newspapers will get you to this term “inclusive growth”.The pioneers of economics and sociology seem to come together on this common agenda of growth by inclusion.What is it so much about this that this term even found its mention in the budgetary speech of our Finance Minister.Let’s dig in a bit deep in order to understand the significance of this very term,which has kept us all wondering for quite sometime.
India is truly a mixed economy,not only in terms of the policies propounded by the government but also in terms of the distribution of the resources and wealth.Since our economy is dominated by the Capitalist,rich are getting richer and poor are finding it difficult to survive.The gap between the rich and poor is getting wider.Hence,comes a need to bridge the gap by inclusive growth.Inclusive growth by its very definition implies an equitable allocation of resources with benefits accruing to every section of society.It is definitely an Utopian concept(equitable allocation of resources….in a Capitalist Economy…ha ha ha).However,the modified version of it,which aims at providing basic necessities to every section of the society,is the need of our economic and social system.Empowering every citizen with education would go a long way in making our country truly democratic.Ensuring health facilities, food and shelter for all needs to be the common agenda if we wish to be any success with the implementation of the concept of inclusive growth.

Inclusive growth has the potential to make us the most successful democracy.It has the potential to bridge the economic gap and reduce the disparities-social and economic.

Let’s grow inclusively……..

Food Chain….

Whenever we talk of our basic necessities as humans,we think of Food,Clothing and Shelter.It seems more often than not that all three of them are equally important for our survival.However,I am sure that you must have met people in your life without shelter and adequate clothing (When i say clothing,it is not only the clothes that we wear but encompasses the whole gamut of necessary clothing a human needs to fight out different seasons). food
Then,it clearly boils down to the imperativeness of food in our day to day life.Among the three basic necessities,it ranks one (Ah! We are so much into this ranking system).Still,there are individuals, under the same sky as many other fortunate ones,who are deprived of even the primary needs.Kudos to our social,economic and political structure that has made sure that even the basic needs of life goes to the ones who are the fittest – if Darwin was alive,he would have been so proud.Sarcasm !
Let’s look at the present scenario of our food procurement and distribution system.The public distribution system has always been accused of corruption and black marketing.But,very less often,we get to witness the impact of these evils on the normal day to day life of an individual.Today,we are in deep trouble.Today is the need of the hour to revamp our distribution system and eliminate the middlemen.I don’t see how politicians are trying to score a point by blaming the incumbent minister and rallying around their constituency,calling “Bandhs”.Is this going to solve the problem that has history written all over it? Come on,let’s stop the gimmicks and face the reality.Let’s not politicize the primary need of a human.Let’s help him procure it.Let’s implement regulations that have long been on hold.Let’s elongate the food chain.

Actions are always positive while protests,always an answer to the obviation of action.

Let’s do….not protest.

New States….

I know all of you must have read in the newspapers about the demand for new states in our country. I am not going to add much to the information that you really have about this issue.However, I wish to analyze the situation and try and figure out the reason for this demand.
There are several problems in our beautiful country.Currently, we are facing the menaces like poverty,corruption,inflation and what not. There lies challenges like cultural evolution and economic diversity, which have the potential of wiping out nations. So,we are standing on a double-edged sword,which survives with our blood. These are the problems that can be countered over a period of time if and only if we understand the dire consequences of neglecting these severe issues. But, the real problem of our country lies in the lack of collective responsibility and accountability. We, as a nation, would never be able to grow until we would understand the importance of our own self in building the nation. We are nation. And ,that we have got to understand.

The demand for new states seems to be a method of obviating collective effort in fighting against these severe problems that are gripping our nation. It is a kind of situation which lead to the emergence of nuclear families. People,in a joint family,parted their ways with a hope of doing better for themselves. But,were all of them happy? Don’t we all understand the significance of joint families. We have experimented this kind of separation in our past.Did we get the positive results? Not always.

Strategically, it might be suited for a few states for one reason or the other.However, it should definitely not become a tool for the politicians to win elections and make inroads into our political system. This is a sensitive issue and should be dealt with utmost care. The government needs to put the welfare of the nation above the welfare of a few opportunists.

Let’s face the problem and make each one of us proud to be an INDIAN.

Celebrating the Mahatma

Hey !!


Today is the birthday of a man,who has been credited by history to have changed the struggle for independence into a mass struggle.He is the man who led from the front and redefined the basic principle of truth and non-violence by leading an exemplary life.He is the man whose ardour and zeal has been an inspiration for generations.He is the man whom we call “Father of the Nation”.Yet,he remains one of those legendary figures whose charisma fades with the tide of time.His portrait is imprinted on the currency of our nation but somehow he is not the heart-throb of the nation.He is at the centre of the debate whenever we talk of our culture and our way of living.He has roads named after him in possibly all the major cities of the nation.But somehow,his charisma fails to impress the younger generation.What could possibly be the reason for this? As a part of youth, I can suggest that it is mainly because of the fact that we judge him by the decisions he has taken, some of which  has proved lethal for our progress as a nation.We judge him by the weak moments of his rather than by the solidarity and conviction he stands for.And while formulating a consolidated opinion,we don’t consider his role in giving our political mess a well-structured and definitive direction.Let’s forget Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi.Let’s celebrate the man,who lead an exemplary life on the basic principle of self-dependence,truth,non-violence and religious tolerance.Let’s celebrate the man,who gave his heart and soul to remove disparity among the social classes.He believed in the power of mass.We are a country of over 1 billion individuals.Let’s reaffirm his believe and show the power of the mass to the world.Let’s stand united and fight the evil of corruption,pollution and inflation.Let’s help him inspire us by putting faith in his value system.

Let’s pay a tribute to him by making this world a better place to live in. Let’s celebrate the Mahatma,the holy spirit.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti !!!

Are we the “Cattle Class”?

Hey !!!

Humor is really a serious business. It simply cannot rest on the glory of making people smile even in the worst of their times. It has to be so accurate that even a slight infringement may lead to chaos. And who knows it better than Dr. Shashi Tharoor. He has recently been a victim of that slight infringement which has no room for in humor. Perhaps, he does not know how we Indians deal with humor of politicians. Since his tweet, there has been a great debate over this. The news channels are flooded with updates on the reaction of veteran leaders on the act of a novice. Politicians,in true sense,are trying their bit to gain political advantage out of this. There is chaos all around. The question that everyone  has in his mind  is that ” Are we the cattle class?”,”Is this what Government think of its makers?”,”Are Politicians the real Autocrats?”. I don’t know who is supposed to answer all these questions but there is a need to address them at the earliest. But honestly, we are the ‘Cattle Class’ as we still believe in and follow these politicians who care for more about their luxury and personal gain when more than 40% of Indians are below poverty line.

Dr.Tharoor,in his humorous way, has given us an opportunity to retrospect. Let’s work on it. 

And by indicting someone for as small a crime as humor,let’s not kill the wit and humor.Let’s  get amused.