You know how it feels
To be alone
With moments to live
And relive forever.

With the hope of
being with you
And learning to live
Without you forever.

To love you
More than I could summon
And then consider my love
To be unloved forever.

For you have always known
To be with me, without me;
But for me, you existed
In me, without me and forever in me.

And would exist
In my words and thoughts
For language is a mirror of mind
Eternal, infinite.


The world we live in

The world we live in
Wants us to abide
To the norms and values
And to survive.

Is it fulfillment that it demands
Or mere existence of individuality
Immersed in the social fabric
Rebellious, distinctive but benign.

Amidst this vagaries of life
Lies the question of certainty
Unanswered, uncared for
Hidden beneath the mask of acceptance.

Truly hypocritical it may seem
To address the world exciting and mundane
But, its veracity is proven
Every time we live and die.

In all these years of mere existence
Things have changed
But our perception remained the same
Of the world we live in.

The world we hate and love
And are indifferent towards at times
The world we wish to separate from
And enjoin at the same time.

Truly, the world we live in.

Truly Yours…..

I know you believe
That life is unjust
Unfair it is,
And is devoid of trust.

That love is ephemeral
And lust so deep,
In the shadow of the present
Our pasts usually peep.

I know you believe
That words are farce,
And actions so useless
Where humanity is scarce.

I know you don’t believe me
When I say the words I mean,
And ask you to forget the scene
Of the whimsical past and lost sheen.

But, there is something
You got to believe,
To think and live
And to feel again.

Forget the days of yore
And believe that this life is truly yours….

I promise to return……

Tears trickling down
Drops from the edge of your face,
Into the river
whose ripples carry your message.

Through the soul of this Universe
Into the corners of my heart.

Your ethereal pain
sublimates as blowing winds,
Traverses across the desert
To drench me with rain of tears.

And the deep realisation
of your longing,
Give me sleepless nights
And painful days.

But,with each day, your tears
Firm my determination to fight
The battle of my life,
the battle of our lives.

And I make a promise to myself
To soothe your swollen eyes
And drink the pain beneath.

I make a promise to return.

In my solitude,you exist

In my solitude,you exist
To encourage me in my pursuit
And talk to me in silence,
To help me live,you exist.

In all my exuberant laughter
And mundane sadness,
Amidst the chaos of my life
To reduce the randomness,you exist.

During all those days
When life seems a nemesis,
And silence a friend
To make me live with life,you exist.

Darkness lurks inside me
To make me a monster
And eat away my parting soul,
To rejuvenate me,you exist.

In my solitude,you exist…..

Bidding Adieu

Your touch the same as it was
When you kissed me on my lips,
Your words the same
As whispered for the last time in my ear.

Your eyes so deep
Reflected the pains,
Your smell so intoxicating
Took me unawares.

I wept for days
After you were gone,
Into the shadows of past
And then I thought I would never last.

But,I lasted to feel your touch
Hear your words,
Witness your eyes
And smell you once again.

I lasted to bid adieu
And to tell you
That my words are true
And I truly Love You.

I…….Bid Adieu……

To You, My Love

I know you are there when I am asleep   
And you wake me up from a slumber
Walking through my life so unkind
And making me believe it is all fine.

You peep deep down inside me
Aware of my caprices and vices
Aware of the roads of my life
Guiding me through my choices.

You know me the way I am
And you love the way I want to be
You hold me when I tumble down
And kiss me when I wish to mourn.

I know I am ungrateful
But,is it new?
I am a human
Let’s remind you….

But,now I recognise your worth in my life
I won’t survive without your beautiful eyes
I dedicate my all love to you
It is for you,to you My Love.

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