Winner Stands Alone

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I have recently been reading a book titled “Winner Stands Alone” by Paulo Coelho. When I started reading this book,I never imagined that I will learn so much about life and glamour world without doing much. It is a book that deals with stark realities of modern and glamorous life. It is the story of Igor who reaches Cannes Film Festival in search of his lost love,his wife Ewa.He loves her so much that he is ready to take lives in order to give her the message of his strong love. He is ready to destroy Universes at the altar of his true love. On the other hand, Ewa considers him to be a man incapable of being in love.She thinks of him as a man who is entrapped in his own world,incapable of being a part of her life. She parts her ways and attends Cannes Film Festival with her boyfriend,who is a famous Fashion Designer. The story is about the world of glitterati and their craving for recognition. There are characters in the story who represents various sections of the glamour world viz. media,production,direction,distribution and fashion. The interrelationship between these various sections is appalling.The hypocrisy and debility of the glamour world is evident. By showcasing the character of the glamour world, the author is successful in bringing home his point that “Winner Stands Alone”. Whatever one earns in his life is futile if he has not lived his life in the true spirit. As a commoner, we all dream to be a part of the rich and the famous. We fantasise our life on their course. However,the truth is that Life is never Perfect. It is for none.

To know more about the life of Igor,Ewa and the glitterati, please read the book. It is worth.