Common Wealth Games – Day Zero

Commonwealth is an intergovernmental organisation of 54 sovereign states.          
It had been formed with an objective of fostering growth of the member nations by working upon representative democracy, pursuing equality and opposition to racism;the fight against poverty, ignorance and disease and free trade. The most visible activity of the commonwealth countries is the commonwealth games,which had been categorically positioned as “friendly games” by the member nations,aimed at promoting the spirit and strengthening the relationship between the nations.

Since its inception in 1930, the games for the first time is being hosted by India, a country of 1.2 billion population. A country, which is not only growing in terms of economy but also in terms of its educated youth population. This nation is often criticised for its bureaucracy and politics but what stands out is its indomitable spirit to succeed and excel. Every developing country has certain issues to resolve to before it can be categorised as one of the developed nations of the world. India is also fighting against some of these issues. And, it is for sure that this nation would not bend its knees at the face of adversity or strong opposition.

The hosting of Commonwealth Games would surely position the nation as a ‘capable’ country with immense potential. During the course of this journey of spectacular sporting event, we would keep a close watch on the sporting events and the response of the world on the way India does it.

Today’s turn of events:

  • Queen’s baton reaches India.
  • Athletes reach safely to Games Village.
  • Delhi Metro reaches Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium.

It is time to get excited and gear up for the opening ceremony of XIX Commonwealth Games, New Delhi. India is about to enter the league of successful sporting nations.

Till then, keep up the good hope.


A Thorn Bird

We all are blessed to be alive. However, rarely, we realise this truth in our day-to-day lives. We are mostly busy in worrying about issues of lesser significance. We worry about our studies, jobs, relationships and what not. But, do we ever realise that all these worries are based on a single desire that we all live for: “A Peaceful Life.”

We want to do well in our studies to get a good job. So that we can live with our family happily forever. But, at each step, we worry more about the execution of the step rather than the significance of it. While looking through the microscope, we tend to undermine the importance of a bird’s eye view. Our entire life we wish to become someone else. In school, we want to become like a topper. In college, we wish to become like the most stylish guy, who makes girls swoon over him. In our jobs, we wish to become like the most successful person in that field. We always want to be some one else. Do we hate our identity so much that we try and camouflage it at every stage of our life?

Perhaps, it is not hatred. Most closely, it is ignorance. The ignorance of the presence of “I”, the individual. Why we all strive to be so similar to each other? Why the society we live in fail to respect the differences? Is it mere fear of dilution of our sacred ‘homogeneity’ or is it something else? May be, it is how our brains are programmed since our childhood. According to Hofstede theory, our evolution as a human being is generally a result of the collective programming. We all are trained to become larks and nightingales. Our parents wish us to become these birds so that we earn recognition and respect. But,what about being a Thorn Bird? (Thorn Birds are mythical birds that searches for thorn trees from the day it is hatched. On finding a suitable and sharp thorn, it impales itself singing the most beautiful song ever heard as it dies. ) Is it sin to be a Thorn Bird? Perhaps, not. It is rather impossible to become a thorn bird and sacrifice oneself at the altar of conviction.

But, the eternal truth of life says that in each one of us resides a thorn bird. It is just a matter of sheer recognition and acceptance. I am searching for my thorn, that gives me a reason enough to die. And, before I die, I want this world to live the most beautiful experience ever.

I hope that we all recognise our thorns someday at some point of time in our lives.

Till then, “Live a Quest”.

I saw him…….

I saw him on the busy street
Strolling mindlessly,
Confident of his way
Unbothered by what people say.

I saw him talk
To a piece of thread,
Fighting with a dog
Over a common bread.

I saw him nude
Laughing at civilisation,
That we treasure so much
And still use as a crutch.

I saw him read
The mystery of Universe,
Living in the moment
With desire so diverse.

I saw him laugh
Incessantly at life,
And its follies and way
Counted by night and day.

I saw him think
About you and me
On the busy street,fighting over a bread
Binding us all with a common thread.

International Kolkata Book Fair 2010

Yesterday,I had been to witness one of the most amazing and spectacular book fairs under the sun.It was not because it had millions of books on display.Rather,it was because of the crowd that turned up with great enthusiasm and a profound love for books that made me mark this event as an unparalleled one.

It was heaven for all book lovers.And,I can proudly say that this place has loads of them.Books on philosophy,religion,fiction,non-fiction…….A long list….really.There were scores of people on each outlet enjoying this visual treat.The atmosphere was electric.I could have never imagined a book fair to have such an ambience like a rock concert,if I had not witnessed this event.

The magnanimity of the event was raised further by the participation of various countries-Mexico,Sweden,Cuba,Britain,France,Germany,Romania,Vietnam and all the Latin American Countries.The books on display represented the culture of each country,their way of life and their heroes.In a way,the great books of the world were on display.And,an author has rightly said that “We cannot get away from the great books of the world, because they preserve and interpret the life of the world and represent its culture.” Even in this age of computers and internet,it was great to witness the madness for words written on Papyrus.Words,as old as Jane Austen and Alexander Dumas of Victorian era.

And if you think,the fair was all about books.Think Again !! It had a lot to offer to the Foodies as well. Variety of palatable and delicious Mexican dishes were on offer (This year the fair had the Mexican theme). I know your mouth is getting watery.Mine too.

To know more about the fair,visit:

Durga Puja 2009

Hey !!


 Durga Puja is the festival which gets its true color in this “City Of Joy”.It is absolutely magnificent and mesmerising.Right from the crowd mad over hopping pandals to traditional Bhog and enchantment of Mantra, this festival has it all to change a loner to a gregarious individual. Festival is an occasion to come together,share and celebrate happiness. And believe me, Durga Puja justifies this very definition. There are positive vibes all around and people are so elated. This is the time when you see Life at its very Best. People ,of all ages,mixing together and giving life its true meaning,which it longs for on the normal days. It is amazing to be a part of these great moments. I just wish that this festival continues in our hearts and Maa Durga gives us all the ability to understand and co-operate.

I request all of you,who have never been a part of this festival in this “City of Joy”,to witness this extravaganza next year. It is worth.

May Good always win over Evil……..