In my solitude,you exist

In my solitude,you exist
To encourage me in my pursuit
And talk to me in silence,
To help me live,you exist.

In all my exuberant laughter
And mundane sadness,
Amidst the chaos of my life
To reduce the randomness,you exist.

During all those days
When life seems a nemesis,
And silence a friend
To make me live with life,you exist.

Darkness lurks inside me
To make me a monster
And eat away my parting soul,
To rejuvenate me,you exist.

In my solitude,you exist…..


Chaos !!!

Since the last few days,I could not summon up enough courage to be  yet again a part of the blogosphere.You must be thinking that does it really need courage to blog.I am not quite sure if I can answer that satisfactorily.However,I am of the belief that making an attempt is never futile.

Words come out from the depth of truth.They cannot be produced nor can be tampered with.They are spontaneous waves of visible range capable of performing miracles if put down in a coherent manner.And,I for sure,found myself incoherent and chaotic. And,hence,could not summon up courage to put down my chaos.

“Chaos” it was.Because of the sequence of events that flooded the news arena in the past week. Air Plane Crash in Mangalore,accident of Gyaneswari express,bus accident in Karnataka….for me,all of these got translated into “the loss of innocent human lives”.And,what made my pain deeper and my angst visible was that all of these accidents were because of “Human Errors”. “To err is Human”. But,what if that error comes out from the political venegeance,careless administration and faulty practices.Won’t that infuriate and irk? Hmm…..but what can one do…right? We are living in this world where our lives have been priced at Rs.1,00,000 for dead and Rs.50,000 for injured….and somebody was mistakenly suggesting that “Life is Precious”. Oh…an amendment in the common adage would help its longevity and applicability…let’s say “Life of Precious,if you can sustain.”

And my chaos got chaotic with the news of the sad demise of one of my batch mates from College.She bravely fought her illness but left us with tears in our eyes.Rest in Peace,friend. We miss you.

As I am about to complete the blogpost,I feel rejuvenated to have finally mustered enough courage to write,what has been lurking inside me for so long.

Bandh……Stop it !!!!

Ohhh…..When are we going to graduate from being an active protester to an indulgent reformer. In the time of progress, we are still lurking in the sidelines of regression. Thanks to the common attitude of individuals who,at the helm of things, still believe that “Bandhs”  do good to the common man. It never has and would never will. There are other constructive ways of dealing with issues and addressing them. “Bandhs” are mere tools used by the political parties to demonstrate the power that they hold over the region. 

In a recently called “Bandh” on 27th April , I was on my way to  Kolkata, unaware of the intentions of the political activists. As soon as my train reached “Asansol” ,considered as an entry point to the state of West Bengal,I could see a mob of activists parading with red flags,shouting slogans, on the platform. The platform that used to have a flurry of activities was silent with the ruthlessness of politics scoring over the needs of humanity.We,in our trains,had to wait for 9 hours on that solitary platform. Amongst the passengers were the old,the women,the infant and people like me who just wondered over the mockery of the system.

This state does not need ‘Bandhs’. What it needs is a machinery that can guarantee its inhabitants the opportunity to earn bread. A common man is hurt the most in these ‘Bandhs’. People in the trains were not the ones who were affected the most. Their pain was visible and hence,got highlighted. The pain of hawkers and of all those people whose life depended upon the commotion on the platform of “Asansol” , remained unnoticed. What lingered was the discontent and hunger. We,in our train,were fed well.But,I am not sure that I can say the same for the children of the hawkers and their likes,for whom,’Asansol’ means a lot.

Those 9 hours made me realise the importance of railway platforms for the  people,who live by them.

Social Networking

Is it virtual or real? We,in this 21st Century,have become quite used to the virtual world encroaching into the space of the real world. But,we understand the rationale and need behind all this. Don’t we? Welcome to the world of facebook,orkut,twitter,Hi5,Big Adda,Bebo,Ibibo,Buzz,LinkedIn,My Space,SocialVibe…ohh…an exhaustive list really…and believe me,these are just the popular ones that any class fiver knows. There are sites like facebook which boasts of over 55 million registered users and Twitter surpassing it with 75 million users.

At the onset of introduction of the networking sites,there had been a lot of debates about the relevance and the impact of the presence of Social Networking sites in the virtual world. The purists of Sociology considered it to be a threat to the social networking in the real world. And,purists have been proved right  by the increasing disinterest of individuals in the real-life interactions. We,today,prefer to communicate via the virtual world of interaction. It is easy to fake in the virtual world. Isn’t it? We can always portray as a different person than we really are. Today,there is no need of developing the social skills that was once considered to be an asset and an important tool for growth.You just need to know the basic stuff about using internet to pose as whoever you want yourself to be like.

No doubt,it has been a lot of help to people who could not initiate a conversation.Now,in the virtual world,they can express their opinions freely without feeling awakward. However,this very freedom has,somehow,restricted or rather limited their growth as  individuals.They need not strive for attaining the social skills anymore. They are what they want to be in the virtual world.Who cares for the real world anymore !!!! Let it go for a toss. Should we allow the social fabric to abrade in this manner? After all,even in this dominance of virtualism,reality holds its own forte.

There is no harm in being virtual as long as your virtual presence reflects your real state. When alterego develops and is satiated, it becomes an uphill task to control the flow. Let’s unite virtual,but live real.

“Let’s connect globally and yet be interactive locally.” opposite to the common adage of the modern society “Globally connected,locally isolated.”

And for Social networking,it is essential both in the virtual as well as the real world……we are social animals…remember?


 We learn a lot of things,retain a few and finally use fewer in our journey of life. We waste so much of our time garnering knowledge from all corners to realise later that the knowledge is no more contemporary.It is outdated. We again begin our quest and with all our might gather some more information (whom we mistakenly call “Knowledge”). And,then comes a time in our life when we realise that there are only a few things that we actually need to ” drive the Ferrari home”. 

This mad quest for gathering information arises from the deeply rooted competitiveness and the apprehension of the veracity of Darwin’s adage “Survival of the Fittest”. We want to survive.All of us.And this being called an information age,we cannot miss to be updated. And we all strive for any useful piece of information that might provide us an edge over others.

In our mad quest,we tend to forget that there is a lot more under the sun that we can conceive.There is so much of “real knowledge”. The knowledge,that does not change every year,that does not get outdated,that does not get manipulated by the capricious individuals,that survives and helps us survive. That knowledge is in the age-old practice of living.That knowledge is imparted to us by life by virtue of its time(We mortals know it by the name of “Experience”) and by virtue of its spontaneousness(We name it “Natural Instincts”).The knowledge prepares us before unfolding itself.

Let this knowledge guide us and make us learn. Let’s get over with the “information abundance” and a mad rush for it. Let’s live to our potential without being the captives of MBs and GBs.

Inclusive Growth

Nowadays,a lousy browse through the weekly magazines or daily newspapers will get you to this term “inclusive growth”.The pioneers of economics and sociology seem to come together on this common agenda of growth by inclusion.What is it so much about this that this term even found its mention in the budgetary speech of our Finance Minister.Let’s dig in a bit deep in order to understand the significance of this very term,which has kept us all wondering for quite sometime.
India is truly a mixed economy,not only in terms of the policies propounded by the government but also in terms of the distribution of the resources and wealth.Since our economy is dominated by the Capitalist,rich are getting richer and poor are finding it difficult to survive.The gap between the rich and poor is getting wider.Hence,comes a need to bridge the gap by inclusive growth.Inclusive growth by its very definition implies an equitable allocation of resources with benefits accruing to every section of society.It is definitely an Utopian concept(equitable allocation of resources….in a Capitalist Economy…ha ha ha).However,the modified version of it,which aims at providing basic necessities to every section of the society,is the need of our economic and social system.Empowering every citizen with education would go a long way in making our country truly democratic.Ensuring health facilities, food and shelter for all needs to be the common agenda if we wish to be any success with the implementation of the concept of inclusive growth.

Inclusive growth has the potential to make us the most successful democracy.It has the potential to bridge the economic gap and reduce the disparities-social and economic.

Let’s grow inclusively……..

International Kolkata Book Fair 2010

Yesterday,I had been to witness one of the most amazing and spectacular book fairs under the sun.It was not because it had millions of books on display.Rather,it was because of the crowd that turned up with great enthusiasm and a profound love for books that made me mark this event as an unparalleled one.

It was heaven for all book lovers.And,I can proudly say that this place has loads of them.Books on philosophy,religion,fiction,non-fiction…….A long list….really.There were scores of people on each outlet enjoying this visual treat.The atmosphere was electric.I could have never imagined a book fair to have such an ambience like a rock concert,if I had not witnessed this event.

The magnanimity of the event was raised further by the participation of various countries-Mexico,Sweden,Cuba,Britain,France,Germany,Romania,Vietnam and all the Latin American Countries.The books on display represented the culture of each country,their way of life and their heroes.In a way,the great books of the world were on display.And,an author has rightly said that “We cannot get away from the great books of the world, because they preserve and interpret the life of the world and represent its culture.” Even in this age of computers and internet,it was great to witness the madness for words written on Papyrus.Words,as old as Jane Austen and Alexander Dumas of Victorian era.

And if you think,the fair was all about books.Think Again !! It had a lot to offer to the Foodies as well. Variety of palatable and delicious Mexican dishes were on offer (This year the fair had the Mexican theme). I know your mouth is getting watery.Mine too.

To know more about the fair,visit:

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